Using EndosanTM the very latest in advanced silver ionised hydrogen peroxide technology Pied Piper can fog your stables with this DEFRA approved EndosanTM disinfectant trusted for use by veterinary hospitals throughout the world that’s so powerful it destroys all known viruses, bacteria and fungi both surface and airborne within minutes of contact and unlike the vast majority of other disinfectants available its 100% safe and 100% effective and completely odour free.

EndosanTM is chlorine and alcohol free and after use it simply degrades into harmless water and oxygen making it the safest form of disinfection available, so there is no need for rinsing or waiting for surfaces to dry off, your horses can be returned to their accommodation within 30 minutes of the disinfection treatment being carried out.

DEFRA Approved EndosanTM advanced silver ionised hydrogen peroxide is vaporised through our specialist hand held fogging machines ensuring that all surfaces and hard to reach areas are coated thoroughly with very fine droplets of disinfectant resulting in a more thorough disinfection process than conventional wipe and wash cleaning could ever achieve.


Effective against:



Horse Flu
Rotaviral Diarrhoea
Ring Worm (fungal)

Aspergillus  (Fungal spores)


and many more

Areas of application:

Tack Room
Feed Room
For saddle sanitation

Horse  transport 

Washing / Clipping Boxes


Foaling Stables

Temporary Competition Stables

and many more

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