Piped Piper has over 30 years of experience working with a wide range of animals, both privately and commercially, including small primates and many species of exotic birds and mammals as well as horses, deer, alpacas and farm cattle.  We understand bio security and the importance of a clean germ-free environments for both animals and keepers.

We offer a complete disinfection service to stable owners, Equine Facilities, Catteries, Kennels, Petting Farms, Zoos, and private animal keepers.

Pied Piper use the very latest in disinfection technology using disinfectants that have been tested and approved for animal use.

We can fog or spray your facility with DEFRA approved disinfectants trusted for use by veterinary hospitals throughout the UK and Europe.  Disinfectants that are powerful enough to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi, both surface and airborne, within minutes of contact.  And, unlike the vast majority of other disinfectants available, our disinfectants are 100% safe and 100% effective. 

The disinfectants we use provide unrivalled protection with a proven log kill of Bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeasts and moulds.  By working closely with vets and professionals alike we ensure we stay at the forefront in animal hygiene technology that aids towards creating a safer environment for both you and your animals.



We have the ability to carry out before and after swab testing of surfaces.

The swabs are sent away to an independent laboratory for analysis.


The laboratory report will identify if and where there might be viruses, bacteria or harmful fungal spores present, and the effect our disinfection process as had on them.

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