As with any animal enclosure, hygiene must be constantly maintained to a high standard. This makes disinfection an important part of any bird production / breeding facility.  So, whether it’s parrots or pigeons, falcons or finches, our disinfection service will ensure your enclosures and breeding facilities are free from Virus, bacteria, fungus and yeast.


A DEFRA approved disinfectant is vaporised through our specialist handheld fogging machines or spray lances. This ensures that all surfaces and hard to reach areas are coated thoroughly with very fine droplets of disinfectant, resulting in a more thorough disinfection process than conventional wipe and wash cleaning could ever achieve.

Effective against:


Coccidial Oocysts


Avian Herpes virus

E Coli



New Castles Disease

Avian Influenza



Pigeon Fanciers

Areas of application



Race transport vehicle

Transport baskets



Parrots, & Other Exotic Birds

Areas of application


Aviary Flights

Nest Boxes


Breeding facilities





Areas of application


Aviary Flights

Breeding Facilities 


Transport Boxes

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