Squirrels are like Marmite –

you either love them or hate them”


Squirrels will find your loft space to be an ideal home for them; warm, waterproof and providing the perfect habitat for protection from predators.


Once inside, squirrels can chew through structural woodwork and plaster board. They can also strip the insulation from electrical wiring, as well as destroying anything of value that may be stored within the loft space.




If squirrels do take up residency in your loft, do not despair, we can help. Pied Piper Pest & Wildlife Management offer a squirrel removal service, ensuring that the squirrel is humanely and discreetly removed from your property with minimal fuss.


Once the squirrel has been removed, advice will be given on how best to prevent further squirrels from entering your loft space in the future.


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