What is Fogging? Fogging is a process where liquid is vaporised into tiny particles and produces a dry or wet fog like mist. The minute droplets within this mist can stay airborne longer in some cases than up to 30 minutes. They are dispersed throughout a room allowing the micro droplets to reach and penetrate normally inaccessible areas.


Our specialist handheld fogging machines and fine spray lances ensure all surfaces and hard to reach areas are coated thoroughly with very fine micro droplets of disinfectant. This results in a more thorough disinfection process than conventional wipe and wash cleaning could ever achieve. In fact, it’s been clinically proven that the wipe and wash method is only effective at getting rid of 11% of harmful bacteria and viruses from surfaces, and that wipe and wash methods actually spread germs around especially when only one cloth is used to clean with.

Disinfectant fogging kills the germs where they lie. It also prevents them from being transferred from one site to another so no cross contamination can ever take place.

With fogging there are NO places where germs can hide!

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