Foxes have a variety of fleas and ticks and do carry some diseases. Our work is usually carried out in schools for health and safety purposes, and we are DBS (formerly CRB) checked, Police Registered and Local Authority Approved Contractors.


We also treat commercial and residential properties and, as with all of our services, we carry out a full site survey that includes a risk assessment and a method statement.


We only ever use humane live catch traps when trapping foxes, as safety is our main concern for both target and non-target animals.


We never relocate urban foxes (this is cruelty by kindness). Once trapped urban foxes should be humanely, safely and legally dispatched on site and not transported around for miles, as this will cause them immense stress and contravenes the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Unlike some pest control companies, that break the law by using trap and release, we are firearms certificated approved to dispatch nuisance foxes on site, and also also offer a fox carcass removal service.  

Points to note are:


  • If foxes are fouling play areas and playing fields BEWARE of the danger from toxocariasis, which is a parasitic worm found in fox faeces that can cause blindness in young children. Fox faeces should always be cleaned up and if anyone, especially children, should come into contact with fox faeces, they should wash their hands IMMEDIATELY.


  • ANIMAL WELFARE IS OUR PRIORITY: for this reason we do not offer trapping between the months of March to July as the vixen will have young to feed. We do offer alternative methods of control and advice during this period.
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