Rabbits can kill off large areas of lawn, and undermine foot paths, buildings and embankments with their burrowing.


There are a number of methods for rabbit control and often, our experienced wildlife managers will select a combination of these methods to control and manage the rabbit population on or around your premises.


These include

•        Ferreting

•        Lamping

•        Long netting

•        Shooting  

•        Trapping

Common problems caused by rabbits


•   Tunnelling rabbits can cause the ground to become weak and           unstable

•   Financial loss and damage to crops in agricultural areas

•   Soil erosion caused by removal of vegetation

•   Damage to high quality amenity grassland such as golf courses         and Football pitches

•   Tree bark damage known as Ringing


The legal obligation of land occupiers to prevent rabbit damage on neighbouring land



We also ensure that our rabbit control methods don’t impact on the environment or other wildlife.


If Rabbits are causing you problems call our office today.

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