With our wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience coupled with the very best of ongoing training Pied Piper can offer a solution to the many pest & wildlife problems encountered when living or working within close proximity to wildlife and can offer our clients a swift and unique solution to any pest & wildlife situation that may occur.

There is a lot of legislation governing what can and cannot be done where wildlife is concerned, and Pied Piper will steer you through these complex and sometimes difficult to understand laws, ensuring that the correct procedures are followed - keeping you on the right side of the law.

We pride ourselves on our humane approach when dealing with pest & wildlife problems, and in many cases can offer a range of exclusion measures and deterrents, as well as giving practical advice on preventative steps that can be taken to eradicate problems caused by problem wildlife.



Our Pied Piper technicians can’t play the flute to rid you of rats, but what we can do is offer a professional service second to none to rid you a pest that can pose a serious risk to both domestic customers and commercial business.

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Mice can cause considerable structural damage to a domestic property or a business through their gnawing of pipes and cables, and a serious risk to health through contaminating food stocks in kitchens and storerooms.

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“Squirrels are like Marmite – you either love them or hate them” - One thing is for sure, that cute fluffy little chap that visits your garden bird table every day will cause mayhem if he takes up residency within your loft space.

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Mole numbers have increased over the last few years and we are now finding mole activity appearing along grassed verges within our towns and cities, and urban playing fields, as well as in rural areas.

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It is your right to control nuisance foxes - most Borough Councils do not offer urban fox control due to the lack of resources and experience, and for fear of upsetting public opinion – we can help through offering professional humane fox control.

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Think about Rabbits and you may think of fictional characters or classic fairy tales, but not all rabbits are funny or cute as they can cause serious damage in a short amount of time to newly planted shrubs, trees and plants.

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Pigeons are often referred to as the “rat of the sky”. The feral pigeon is successful and adaptable with the ability to breed all year round and having truly adapted to urban life they can be found in vast numbers across cities and towns throughout the UK and the world.

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Wasps can provoke fear and annoyance around people and to most of us being stung by a wasp can be an extremely unpleasant, if not traumatic as well as painful and to some they can prove fatal. Let us take the risk away - we have the equipment and the know-how.

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It Is well publicised that, in recent years certain bee species numbers have been declining at an alarming rate, and as they play such an important role within our environment they should ideally be left alone. Bees will not sting if left undisturbed.

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Insect can be both a nuisance and a health hazard due to the vast numbers that can appear and this can be an unpleasant site within your property, Pied Piper understand this and our trained technicians can carryout a number of treatments both inside and out as well as giving advice on how best to tackle your ant infestation.

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Professional Disinfection service


When a pest infestation reaches high levels, it is usually accompanied by the increased risk of dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungus spores that have the potential to harm humans as well as pets.


The viruses and bacteria as well as harmful fungi spores can be left behind in droppings, urine, and strands of hair, body dust, and grease as well as nesting material.


Pied Piper offers a professional disinfection service that’s guaranteed to destroy all known viruses, bacteria and fungus that can be associated with a pest infestation, using a disinfectant that’s trusted for use by the NHS and other hospitals throughout the world.


For further information pop over to our hygiene service page and take a look.


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Pied Piper Pest & Wildlife Management offers a comprehensive range of pest prevention and control measures for all domestic and commercial customers, as a one off treatments or has part of an ‘integrated pest management’ contract.


Pied Piper Pest & Wildlife Management are accredited members of The National Pest Technicians Association, meaning that we are audited on a regular basis to ensure that our systems, procedures and standards of work are to the highest quality, which reassures customers that they are receiving a first class service from an industry accredited company.

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