Mice may be a lot smaller than rats but they can still cause considerable structural damage to a domestic property or business as, like any rodent, they have a constant need to gnaw pipes and cables.


They can contaminate food stocks in kitchens and storerooms when they gain entry causing a serious risk to health with their constant fouling and urinating.


It is their ability to breed that sets mice apart from other rodents as they can quickly over run your premises in a short period of time. 





If you detect, or think that you have a mice within your premises, you should act quickly and without delay.

  • Mice breed at an alarming rate and one or two mice will soon become hundreds.
  • Mice contaminate the environments in which they live with urine, droppings and hairs.
  • Mice carry a wide range of diseases, which can be passed on to humans, either by directly contaminating food or by contaminating surfaces with urine, droppings and hairs.
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